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    Tooth Fairy Giving Reaches Record High Value

    Delta Dental has released findings from the 2023 Original Tooth Fairy Poll®, and the national average cash value of a single lost tooth is $6.23, a record high in the poll’s 25-year history.

    This year’s record high national average is a 16% increase from the previous peak of $5.36 in 2022. The average cash gift in the southern region, which includes Oklahoma, was $6.59; an 82-cent increase from last year.

    “We are encouraged to see Tooth Fairy giving in the South, inclusive of Oklahoma, is higher than any other region in the country,” said Delta Dental of Oklahoma President and CEO John Gladden. “Delta Dental of Oklahoma’s mission is to advance to oral health of all Oklahomans, and generosity from the Tooth Fairy helps to reinforce the importance of oral health for children in our state.”

    When the poll began in 1998, the average value of a cash gift from the Tooth Fairy was $1.30. Now, it is reported that more than half of children (54%) are receiving at least $5 per lost tooth.

    Historically, the Original Tooth Fairy Poll® has typically mirrored the economy’s overall direction, tracking with the trends of Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500). However, while the average value of a single lost tooth increased 16% over the past year, the S&P 500 experienced an 11% decline during the same period.

    Delta Dental has items available to make the Tooth Fairy experience extra special, including lost tooth certificates, coloring pages, photo frames and more. Find these resources and many others here.

    Additionally, our Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation has free resources available for Oklahoma children, parents and educators to encourage positive oral health habits. For more information, visit DDOKFoundation.org.