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    3 Ways Captain Supertooth Helps Make Smiles Brighter

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood infectious disease in the United States. Untreated tooth decay often results in persistent pain, the inability to eat comfortably or chew well, embarrassment at discolored and damaged teeth and distraction from playing and learning. The good news is tooth decay is highly preventable!

    In honor of National Superhero Day on April 28, here are three of Captain Supertooth’s tips to help you and your child avoid the pain and cost of cavities.

    Print Captain Supertooth’s Oral Health Chart
    Did you know that Captain Supertooth has a printable chart to help positively reinforce oral health? The oral health chart serves as a reminder for kids and parents that brushing twice a day, and flossing once a day, can help create a super smile. Print and have the chart in a place your child can color in each box when he or she brushes and flosses. Captain Supertooth also recommends offering a special (sugar free!) reward for completing the whole month of brushing.

    Bond Over Dental Hygiene
    The most effective way to teach good oral health habits is to lead by example. Teaching children responsibility early will make a powerful difference in their oral health, and it will have an added benefit of helping you prevent cavities. Approach brushing and flossing as a bonding opportunity, something healthy you do together each day.

    Use an App or Timer
    Kids should brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes. A two-minute hourglass timer works well. There is also a timer available on the Delta Dental mobile app, or you can try the interactive games on the Toothsavers app or the Chompers podcast to keep your children giggling – and brushing – for the full two minutes.

    Take some time to talk to your children about the importance of a healthy smile. Seeing the dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup helps prevent or properly treat tooth decay. Visit Captain Supertooth’s  Resources for Parents page for links to a wide variety of interactive and educational resources that help make oral health care fun for the whole family.