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    Oklahoma Dentist Publishes Children’s Book

    Dr. Jeannie Bath, Dental Director at Good Shepherd Ministries OKC, has been telling the story of The Three Little Teeth to students for many years. Now, with the help of her brother, Jameson McGee, the story has been illustrated and published.

    Since receiving her DDS from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2000 Dr. Bath has provided dental care to many communities through private practice, extensive volunteerism and she was even a dentist for the US Army in Germany. In 2010, Dr. Bath agreed to do a dentist visit to her oldest child’s pre-K class. The class had already been visited by a dentist, so she knew she would have to tweak her presentation in order to capture their attention. Her solution? Dress up as the Tooth Fairy and share the information as a story. ‘The Three Little Teeth’ was born.

    Her performance and story was so well received by the kids that she began fielding requests to be the “Tooth Fairy” at schools and health fairs! Dr. Bath could not keep up with the demand and knew it was time to make the story of ‘The Three Little Teeth’ more accessible.

    Dr. Bath and her brother carved out time over the next two (2) years to perfect ‘The Three Little Teeth’ book, and it is now available at Amazon.com.

    “I hope this book gives teachers, dental professionals and parents an easy, fun way to teach oral health to pre-K through 2nd grade students,” said Dr. Bath. “I hope the students grow up knowing how to take care of their valuable mouths! I hope the students’ kids teach their kids!”