• Straws: Great for your teeth

    Does Drinking Through a Straw Help Your Teeth?

    In short, yes.

    Sipping drinks through straws can provide an extra layer of protection for teeth and gums. You can reduce cavities with straws and even avoid tooth decay, especially when consuming acidic drinks like soda, coffee and alcohol. You can also avoid staining teeth by drinking with a straw. And if you have sensitive teeth, straws can help reduce those jabs of pain caused by cold or hot drinks.

    However, this all depends on the placement of the straw.

    It should not rest against your teeth or even touch them. Instead, position it towards the back of your mouth to avoid any contact with your teeth. And after you sip, don’t swish around your drinks. Letting liquids linger before swallowing allows them to creep into tooth crevices, increasing the risk for cavities.

    When drinking with a straw, just remember: sip, swallow and smile.